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Music Stores

Olivas Music

125 Thunderbird

Symphony Strings

7355 Remcon Circle, #101
El Paso, TX 79912

Robertsons and Sons

3201 Carlisle Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
505-889-2999 or 1-800-A-VIOLIN

Bubble Nut Music 

7612 Waterhouse Dr.

White's Music Box

7040 N. Mesa

Private Teachers 


Gene Alvillar 915-227-7113
Charlie Angerstein 915-383-7766
Monica Arredondo 915-329-7260
Chris Lanier 915-260-0116
Christina Leony 915-691-0861
Brigid McCarthy 612-875-5853
Nancy Morey 915-494-3023


Jamie Carney 304-830-1274
​Alicia Dassing 575-434-9526
Rodrigo Maldonado 915-474-1698
Mark Tombosky 915-449-7702
Michael Way 915-474-4346


Ian Narlock 915-422-8665
David Pena 915-433-5501

Orchestra Handbook 

Music Stores
Private Teachers
Studen Handbook


Coronado Orchestra Goal:  Excellence in Performance

Coronado Orchestra Rehearsal Expectations:

  1.  Take your place quickly and quietly and prepare for rehearsal.

  2. Bring an instrument and all materials daily.

  3. Practice assignments and make the best effort to attend extra rehearsals.

  4. Show courtesy and respect to students and the director.

  5. Keep the room clean: dispose of gum, food, drink (except for water).

  6. Cellular phones are put away except for use in tuning/metronome.

  7. Always show your best effort.

Failure to meet expectations will result in:

  1.  Conference with student.

  2. Contact the parent/guardian.

  3. Conference with parent/guardian.

  4.  Administrator intervention.

Note: Any unacceptable behavior that endangers students, teachers, instruments or equipment will be referred to administration.

Coronado Orchestras Grading Policy:
Students should be prepared to play alone in class for chairs or a grade on any day.
Participation, performances, and rehearsals will comprise the grade.  Students who miss a rehearsal will be given the opportunity to make up the rehearsal grade by practicing before school or at lunch; makeups must be scheduled by appointment with the orchestra director. Make-ups will be allowed until the end of the grading period.

​Everyone who has signed up for the Coronado Orchestra is a member of the orchestra, but not everyone can or will perform. Like in other activities, some people are not ready to perform. Students who cannot successfully perform their concert or contest music may be asked not to perform. Students who miss rehearsals may also be asked not to perform. Students who have to miss a performance due to an illness, emergency, or conflicting school activity, will write an essay to earn the grade for the missed performance. This will be due on the next class day on which the student returns.

Success as a string player is enhanced with a quality instrument in optimum playing condition. The bridge and sound post must fit correctly and be adjusted properly. Strings should be replaced at least once a year. The bow must be re-haired once a year.




  • Dominant

  • G, D, A, Golden Spiral E


  • Dominant

  • C, G, D, Jargar A


  • Spirocore 

  • C, G, Larsen or Jargar D, A 

Double Bass 

  • Corelli 


  • Adequate protective case

  • Rosin

  • Clean soft cloth

  • Shoulder rest (violin and viola)

  • End, pin stop (cello and bass)

  • Folding music stand

  • Combination lock ONLY for violin/ viola lockers 

  • Identification tag for ALL instrument cases


  • Each student is required to have an orchestra polo shirt for casual performances. (Orders will be placed in the fall and the cost will be approximately $20.00.)

  • The formal concert uniform will be “concert black”
    Men:  Black dress slacks, long sleeved black shirt, black shoes and black socks.
    Women:  Black blouse with ¾ or long SLEEVES.  Black SLACKS.  Black dress shoes. No midriff showing between slacks and blouse. 
    Any girls who cannot wear slacks due to religious reasons should consult with Mrs. Hernandez in advance. (SOLID floor length black skirts can be an alternative.)
    Any student who is inappropriately dressed for a performance may be disallowed from performing

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